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Enviro-Sponsible !

Tiny Balboa is promoting environmental friendliness. tampon eco responsableRefundable cups will be available for a minimal sum throughout the duration of the workshop. (Don’t hesitate to bring yours back). Even though it is surrounded by mountains, Grenoble is a flat city! YES, with numerous bike lanes, and a network for easy bike-hire at unbeatable prices.  Don’t hesitate to rent a bike out at Metrovelo (check out the info on or take public transport (buses and trams réseau TAG). Note that the bus C6 connects the venues for the classes (École Giannone) and the parties (Rondeau).



Free hosting with local dancers: For every event that we organise through Grenoble Swing Association, we offer the possibility of being hosted locally at a dancer’s place. We are proud of the warm welcome Grenoble dancers have invariably offered to workshop participants over the years! This year again we hope we can host every single person who asks for it. Note however that dancers who take the workshop will have priority over those who come for the parties only. But, with a bit of luck, we will be able to find space for everybody. People from Isère, we need you to retain our number one rank as the dancing scene which hosts the most people. If you have a bed, a mattress on the floor, or even just a bit of space to roll out an inflatable one, that is enough! Don’t hesitate to tell us. To suggest or ask for hosting, fill in the registration from. If you’re interested in participating in this massive hosting operation, even though you don’t intend to do the workshop, please email us at

Youth hostel: Auberge de jeunesse de Grenoble, 10 avenue du Grésivaudan, 38130 Echirolles.


Lunch Break

Just as last year, we plan to organize a food truck near the dance school at lunchtime, so that you don’t have to go too far to recharge your energy levels with good food. We will keep you posted.

As an alternative, we propose the following list of restaurants, close to the dance school, i.e., Ecole de Danse Giannone – zone acticentre, 14 rue olympe de Gouges – 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères.


1. La Midinette (cafeteria): 43 avenue de la Mogne, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères, open Sat 11:30 – 14:00, closed Sun

2. Shangai (chinese restaurant): 1 rue Saint Just, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères, closed Sun

3. Z’embrocal (food from the Reunion): 35 avenue Cité Labeye, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères, closed Sun

4. Le Clos des Marronniers (café/restaurant): 44 avenue Ambroise Croizat, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

5. La Pataterie : 90 avenue Gabriel Péri, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

6. Le Palladio : 110 avenue Gabriel Péri, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères, closed Sunday


7. Le fournil martinérois 63 avenue Potié, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

8. Boulangerie Gladys 95 avenue Frachon, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères, closes at 13:00

9. Les petits pains de Manon : 104 avenue Gabriel Péri, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

10. Au craquant d’automne : 3 Place 24 Avril 1915, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

11. Subway 140 avenue Gabriel Péri, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères, closed Sunday

12. Paul : 117 avenue Gabriel Péri, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

13. Le Cass’dal : 42 avenue Ambroise Croizat, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères


14. Fast Food Flex (Kebab) :  9 avenue du bataillon Carmagnole Liberté, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

15. KFC : 118 avenue Gabriel Péri, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

16. McDonald’s : 127 avenue Gabriel Péri, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

17. Atlantic Oak (American-style café) : 99 avenue Gabriel Péri, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères


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