We offer a Party Pass which includes Friday and Saturday’s parties, as well as Sunday’s Tea Party.
No booking or registration required: Party Passes will be sold at the venue, starting Friday evening.
Price: 35€ (25€ for Grenoble Swing members)

Friday, March 1st with the “Swing Up Orchestra”

  • Party begins at 9:30pm
  • Admission price: 15€ (12€ for Grenoble Swing members), included in workshop pass.

The Swing Up Orchestra is made of active and talented musicians from the regional jazz scene; their music will take you back to the ’40s, a time when Lindy Hop and other swing dances were growing rapidly.
Their repertoire is articulated around works from legendary figures of the time, such as Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Fats Waller, Artie Shaw, John Kirby, and many others. A strong rhythm section, wild solo acts, … all the ingredients are there for a marvelous jazz and swing concert!
Can’t wait until March? You can listen to them playing by following this link: SoundCloud

Saturday, March 2nd with Malcolm Potter

  • Canvas or silken Kimonos, Katanas or Lotus flowers, … japanese clothing will be de rigueur for our Japan-themed night! Geishas and Samurai are all be expected to put a Balboa spin on their Nihon Buyôdes1, accompanied by the music of Malcolm Potter!
  • Taster at 8:15pm : “Connection and Martial Arts, to a playful lead synonymous of share” by Solenn & Laurent
  • Party begins at 9:30pm
  • Admission price: 18€ (15€ for Grenoble Swing members), included in workshop pass.

Malcolm Potter isn’t your typical artist: originating from the UK, he both sings and plays the bass, which lends rare and precious tones to his music, stirring up all kinds of emotions.
He has collaborated with numerous jazz and blues musicians over more than 20 years, both on stage and in the studios: Leroy Jones, Scott Hamilton, Daniel Huck, Frank Ash, William Galison, Graeme Allwright, Afio Origlio, Philippe Sellam, André Ceccarelli…
He has played with Luxembourg’s National Jazz Orchestra, in countless concert halls and jazz clubs, both in France and abroad, and in numerous festivals… such as the Tiny Balboa! 🙂
In addition to this, he regularly participates in various projects related to film music, advertising, cartoons, children’s stories; he also works on the recording of various albums, be it as a sideman, arranger, or producer.

1 traditional japanese dance

Sunday, March 3rd: Tea Ceremony with Laurent Courtois & Nuages de Swing

  • Starting at 6:00pm, our Dojo (Giannone dance school) will become our Tea House
  • Admission price: 5€, included in workshop pass.
  • Wagashi, Manjyu, and other japanese sweets -or non-japanese pastries-… we encourage everyone to bring something to eat or drink, so that we can all share a reinvigorating meal together. We hope you will share your favorites recipes!

Nuages de Swing is a band modelled after what is perhaps the most famous Gypsy Swing Quintet of all time, created in 1939 by Django Reinhardt: a clarinet takes the violin’s spot, and a drum set replaces the 2nd guitar found in more conventional line-ups. Nuages de Swing artfully cover some of Django’s best works, but they’re not afraid to push beyond that; over the years, they developed their own style, thanks to Laurent Courtois’ compositions and adaptations. And although the guitarist’s technique owes so much to his illustrious predecessor, it has now grown into its own thing, proving that strong influences don’t preclude the emergence of one’s own musical personality in any way.
Energetic, virtuoso, witty and resolutely swing: this well-known band is all of that! Discover or rediscover their music, which has always been (and continues to be) a crowd-pleaser. So stamp your foot, clap your hands, and dance to your heart’s content to finish in style your favorite festival!


Yesterday’s blossom is today’s dream

Grenoble Swing l’a vu éclore, petit bouton devenu fleur, Grenoble Swing l’a vu partir réaliser ses rêves à Lyon où il a contribué à la naissance de Shall we swing, à la création du Swing ROAR et où il préside Gon’a swing, boostant ainsi la scène Swing de nos voisins rhonalpins.
C’est donc avec une grande émotion de nous accueillons aujourd’hui notre “Gigi l’amoroso” grenoblois, notre grand barbu au noeud papillon et au pantalon cintré, au sourire communicatif et au style inimitable, j’ai nommé: Aurélien Faravelon! qui nous fait la joie de venir pour la première fois animer nos soirées!

Master DJ

Guardian of music, and guardian of traditions, true to the custom, our Master DJ for the weekend is once again Rija Ball! In love with swing dancing and swing music, Rija Ball can be most often found in the parisian swing scene, although he also travels all around the world to dance. He has learned a lot through listening and watching his DJ friends. They in turn have come to appreciate his acute sense of rhythm and subtle musical tastes, which has led him to mix in several important events.

Party venues

The parties on Friday and Saturday nights will take place at the Rondeau dance school: 9 rue Jean Vaujany (zone d’activité Technisud), 38100 Grenoble.
The school is easily accessible by car via exit #8 of the southern beltway (“Centre-ville – Libération”). If you’re driving in from the center of town, follow the street Cours de la Libération towards the South, and turn right shortly before the beltway entrance, into the street Rue Jean Vaujany.
Easy parking is available; the nearest bus stop is called “Le Rondeau”, and is served by the lines C2, C6, and 17.

The Tea Party will take place at our week-end Dojo, Giannone dance school: 14 rue Olympe de Gouges (zone Acticentre), 38400 Saint-Martin-d’Hères.

For all parties and classes, we kindly ask you to use shoes you use only for dancing, in order to keep the dancefloors clean and slick. Thanks for your understanding.